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All samples have free shipping
All samples have free shipping

Quooker Fusion Square - Boiling, Hot and Cold Water Tap


The Quooker Fusion Square is a Boiling-water tap and mixer tap combined. The Cold, hot and boiling water are all dispensed by one easy and safe to operate tap

The Fusion is available in several different finishes and can be combined with any tank.


Insulation ensures the spout is not too hot to touch

Childproof double-push-and-turn handle, crenulated for recognition and extra grip

Spout can be turned 360°

A red light ring which comes on when boiling water is dispensed or when the tank is heating up

Insulation ensures the spout is not too hot to touch

STYLE:Sink Mixer and Boiling Water Tap

TEMPERATURES:100⁰C Boiling, 60⁰C Hot, 15⁰C Cold



HANDLE:Push and Turn Side Lever

SAFETY:Teflon insulated so cool to touch, child-proof tap

TANK:Fits under the sink or nearby

PRO3-VAQ 3 ltr 10mins to heat

Height 40cm / 49cm requirement

Diameter 15cm

PRO7-VAQ 7 ltr 15 mins to heat

Height 47cm / 55cm requirement

Diameter 15cm

The Cube despenses filtered chilled and sparkling water from your Quooker Tap.  It is designed to be added to any Quooker system and is installed in the kitchen cabinet next to the Quooker Tank.